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Body itching all over


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Start with the easiest and most obvious; Environmental factors.

Over exposure to the sun? Change the brand of soap and detergent  used. Next up is water. Some areas have over chlorinated to address the deficiencies in water supply, while others have pollutants in the water.

Next  is to determine if it is insect related, like a skin mite infestation, or bed bugs etc.. Next, verify for  mold and dust.  Most of the time it is environmental. Rule out the easiest first and then move on to a medical issue.


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2 hours ago, rascalman said:

Or mostly all over.

any cats or dogs in the house? 


don't forget UV radiation will perpetrate your shirt. especially your back and shoulders.


i had to get water filters for my house. water is totally contaminated.


do you swim in the ocean? i itch like crazy after going in the water in Hua Hin. Filthy. so i stopped doing that.


and just having to take so many showers really strips your skin of it oil.


who does your laundry? some Thai laundries use some sort of soap that really smells of chemicals. not sure what it is.

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I got bitten by tiny red ants a couple of years ago,(they were actually in my pants) I had a bit of a reaction, itching all over not just where they nipped me,my scalp was driving me nuts itching and sweating,and red and sore in my crotch where they nipped me.its funny now they got into my underwear and you almost need a magnifying glass to see them.

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I was the same, local hospital said it is an allergy, a reaction to chemicals etc in food, clothing, atmosphere etc. Gave me an injection in the bum, anti-histamines, cream and moisturiser. Cleared up quickly though I did have a bit of a reaction to the tabs.


When I get a recurrence I take half an anti-histamine every two days. The itching was torture, but mainly Ok now.

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As there are many causes a couple of "odd" points I cannot see mentioned as possibilities:-


- depending on where you live the winter season and now as we are moving in to summer there can be lots of small sand / dust particles in the air, especially when the wind blows from the China deserts.


- the wind as mentioned above can cause high static which can cause itching especially if wearing nylon or polyester clothes.   Wearing cotton clothes, if possible, may help alleviate the itching.


- if you live in an apartment that has carpets the static again can be cause as well as dust mites.


- dry laundry outside out to help prevent dust particles which may have become embedded in the clothes from coming in to contact with your body.


-if using only fans to cool your body these also create a lot of static, as can be seen by the dust collected on the fan blade.


- use cotton bed linen.


- obviously as many have mentioned what you eat with or without chemicals added can be a major cause of allergic responses.


Good luck in finding  the cause and treatment.


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Thanks for imputs. No do not drink nothing new taken, same meds etc. I went to hospital got some cream and pills that really put me to sleep. I continue to have itching but better.

Thanks for no nonsense ideas. 

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