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Stoped Smoking But !

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Since i have fully given up smokes, i have lost weitht, got healthier and feel better. People commenting on how good you look etc.(i'm not niave) but its nice to get compliments. Keep it up people. It does get easier.

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I'm on my day one of stopping now, another 4 hrs will make it a day.

It's bloody hard, but a friend of mine who stopped, and craved after a day or so came up with a great trick.

Get a small lidded jar, jam jar or the like. Put the contents of an ash-tray inside and fill with water. Keep in your pocket, or the place you like to smoke the most. Everytime you want a smoke, remove the lid and inhale deply, if that doesn't help, take a swig.

You will stop!!

We will see.

by the way, has anyone else noticed that it gets really hard to type when you haven't had a ciggie for a while??

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I think maybe you have posted on the wrong forum?, :D

This is a forum to help people trying to STOP SMOKING & Not the I want to whinge against smoker’s forum

Nowadays you have to smoke tobacco in the same way one was smoking pot before: in hidden corners!

Like lepers our smoking friends are excluded from the human community, horrible!

In airports they have to sit in a kind of aquariums, like being on show.

It is possible to stop and not only by being the centerpoint on one's last BBQ and subsequently turn into ashes oneself.

In two weeks it's one year ago for me. I did it (sorry for the triumphant tone), but many years too late.

You have to do it anyhow (no, of course you don't, but in a way of speaking), so please don't wait, better now than 'later'.

1st of June one year ago shortly after midnight: a friend drove me to the hospital. I could hardly breathe or walk and had

certainly no energy to drive myself. I was grounded.

The doctor told me that many people died in the car because they arrived too late in the hospital with my symptoms.

I said: "uh....?"

When you come in time they can still make an opening in your breast and admit oxygen through that, if I understood

his story well.

OK, five days in hospital, so the first five days were already 'done'.

I knew there was no choice anymore and I actually managed after smoking for plusminus 47 years.

I knew I hadn't a choice anymore.

But for my generation COPD will be cause of death numer 3, maybe even 2 in some years and then it will go down again as the

younger non-smoking generations take over humanity again. COPD is caused by smoking in more than 80 % of the cases (= you

and me) if I got the numbers right.

Just as IvanLaw I have a good heart for smokers. Stop teasing them!

Look at this picture! They make a smoking room, OK, my compliments, but in their calvinistic minds they can't do it without

forcing feelings of guilt and terror on the smokers segment of our fellow beings.

Anyhow gentlemen, be as stupid as me and hit the bottom first, then it becomes easier, hahaha!

Limbo :)


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Mind over Matter. Now what should be in your MIND is a long Healthy Life with the wife and (KIDS??), this what MATTER. Give it a deep sincere try one more time for these reasons. Best of luck, let us know how goes it once in awhile :)

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Best of luck to you.

I can tell you that when you don't smoke, life is easier. The life of a smoker is getting more and more difficult. Now, even in the parking lot of some dept stores you can't smoke--have to move very far from the doors etc. It gets to be a real hassle.

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