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BANGKOK 20 March 2019 03:45

The Law of Metabolic Individuality (fat loss ect)

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1 hour ago, robblok said:

Yes your older then me, but I think the US was ahead of my small village by light years food choice wise 😁. We just had one fast food joint that had french fries and some other fried food. That was it did we want more we had to travel 8km (does not sound much to me now but it did back then).


Anyway I also had fresh eggs as my dad had 4 chickens in a pen behind the house. I am sure I could have gotten raw milk too as I lived in the middle of tulip and milk country in the Netherlands. 


My high carb is actually not as high as you think i would limit it to 100 grams or less of macaroni.  But it has been proven its good for lifters and I do feel that my weight sessions go better when I eat carbs around them. You have to understand I do take my lifting seriously even though I don't always like to do it. The research has shown that carbs are needed (actually the insulin spike) to get the nutrients in the muscle for repair and growth after a workout. Research has shown that keto does not build much muscle at all (you don't lose muscle on it that is an untruth but building is a lot harder). 


That being said, i miss the days of training with a friend of equal mindset and strength, though on the other hand I love being able to do it all at home. 


Now if there was only a way of making cardio less boring (i love walking with weights but I mean other cardio). I had tried to wear my VR headset while on the elliptical but it got too hot. I might put a monitor in front of the elliptical, but I am not sure it would help much and it would set me back 8000 bt or so. Not sure I want to spend that. 

    I never saw a soda or potato chips until I was 10 years old.  My family did not live in the middle of nowhere.  They lived 40 miles from the middle of nowhere.  Fast food would have been about 39 miles away first rural road, then county and then state, (only the state road would be concrete) to get a to a city.  So I had not had a fast food hamburger until I was 12.  I didn't know candy was made year round until I was 8 years old.  I have never gotten used to fast food.  I haven't had any in about a year. Probably once a year I eat something like that.  Otherwise not at all.   I stopped drinking soda in the 80's when they came out with New Coke.  I am really glad it tasted so damned bad!  🤣

     People forget that vast areas of the US are very rural and hard to get to.  And yes, people still live there!  I think my mom could still get eggs from a neighbor but being 83 and living alone in a farm house in the middle of NOWHERE she actually likes driving to the city one day a week. 

      So none of my weight problem is processed food or fast food or soda.  I do have a big weakness for really good food.  Fine european pastry, excellent family owned ethnic of almost every variety.  Living in a big city all of it is right at my finger tips.  Maybe I should go live with Mom until I lose another 30 lbs.  😂

       Is there a deprived of civilization diet?  🙂



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I am seeing nice results from what I am doing but as I well know the last steps are the hardest. Weight loss will slow down.


An other side not i read that you burn 250 cals a day if you use nicotine. I read that quite some bodybuilders take nicotine gum. I tried it too but to curb hunger before I did not know it increased metabolic rate. 


Just for those who are wondering, i took it for a while and stopped without ever having withdrawal symptoms of nicotine addiction. So i don't think its as dangerous as smoking (addiction wise). Not sure how bad nicotine on itself is.

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