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BANGKOK 17 July 2019 18:16

What water, salt and I'm bottle to use for nasal rinse?

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I make my own mix for daily nasal irrigation, and am supposed to use Kosher salt and distilled water. However, I can't find either in Bangkok. I only see distilled water for car batteries, and the bottle says it is not for drinking, so probably not good to use that. I'm wondering what other people on this forum do. Also, which brand of nasal rinse bottle have you found to be the best? Thanks for your advice.

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... any Distilled water bottle will carry that sort of labelled warning...



what about de-mineralised water?   look in the laundry dept at the shops, not just the Automotive dept...





and; what about Himalayan Pink Rock Salt? It hasn't been Milled like Sea/Table Salts either 

and is sold in it's original form

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3 minutes ago, tweedledee2 said:

I have seen sterile water and normal saline in pharmacies. 

Yep I buy the saline solution which is available in most chemists here.


Also have two plastic bottles (one bought here I think and one ordered online) to apply the saline up the nose: Fess Sinu-Cleanse and NeilMed Sinus Rinse...........both small and handy bottles.

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