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New financial regulations for retirees: Nearly a third of expats may have to leave - but half on Facebook say they're off!

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11 minutes ago, lipflipper said:

I will take a wait and see approach before cashing in my chips here in Chiang Mai. As usual with Thai Immigration they seem to always have their heads up their collective ars...es. One week it's a new set of financial criteria, the next week it's something different. I tend agree that Thai Government Officials simply don't want us here on a long term basis so they go about putting these ridiculous impediments in our way. I have already begun to look at Phnom Penh as a new place to put down roots, that liberal Business Visa that is available to Expats is a nice change from the B.S. that Thai Immigration put us through. Also Nha Trang in Vietnam is a viable option as a five year Visa is available there. Keep putting money into my Bangkok Bank account every month to simply satisfy some Immigration Official ain't gonna happen.

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I read that Cambodia announced a new E Retirement visa in 2017.

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