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We're looking teacher for students 2 - 14 years (Bangkok -Kasetsart)

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We're looking for teacher who has experience teaches students 2-14 years of age.
Guru English School is a fast growing English School in ChiangMai. and Bangkok We are seeking talented and motivated English teachers to help grow our school. No Lesson Planning, No Grading Homework, No Grading Exams. No "free" hours are expected from our teachers. The curriculum is already made for you, and the students come excited to learn so there is no need to give them exams or homework. The only extra time is a brief training period when you first come on and about 20 minutes to learn each lesson the first time you teach it.

- Full time salary 35,000-40,000 baht 
including the work permit visa

- Part time pay per class 800 Baht (2 hours) 
including work permit visa

-Native speaker (only United Kingdom, American)
-Bachelor Degree or higher in any field
-Experience in teaching English

If you are interested in joining our team, please contact:
Email. peewara.panpat@gmail.com
Tel : 086-9182438

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I can understand the USA requirement (BTW I'm oz) but as for UK, is another person going to act as translator form UK to English? 

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..'teach' 2-3 year olds.


2-14 yo. I'd ask if this were a serious post, but I know it is.


Looks like a job for 3-4 teachers.



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