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Looking for fellow R/C airplane enthusiasts

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Are there any R/C flying clubs or individuals in this forum?

I have airplanes but don't know how to fly them. 

I live in Kamphaeng Phet province but would gladly drive to meet others who enjoy this hobby.


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I'm not at the moment, but it is something of interest.

There is R/C shop a couple of hundred metres north of my son's school in Phitsanalok, the shop has a few big scale R/C aircraft, as well as a the likes of a prebuilt A10s. 

There must be a club in P'lok, R/C models normally do displays at the Airbase on Children's day. Some used to fly close by,just inside the army base gate, but they have built a lovely new park at that location now (concern was expressed that they were border line to being close to the airport there anyway).  

The shop owners there seem to be real enthusiasts, but I've only had a R/C boat (to use at the new park lake), and a pre-built panther tank so far.

I might get back into it, after I get the OO model train set a bit nearer completion (anything to try encourage the son away from screens) , but that will probably be 2020. 

In the UK it was either Motorcycles or Models, but it ended up as Motorcycles (79-83 Hondas). I was trying to find a early eighties CB400T Hawk here, I know there were some, but cannot find one now. So perhaps back to models, always wanted to model a B52 or a BEAR, though that little A10 in the shop provoked interest...


(I don't think the son has saved the shop details to contacts on the phone and I'm not there at present, I'll try and remember to get their number, next time I'm on LINE...)



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Although I am 85 km from Phitsanulok I get there fairly often.

Would really appreciate location of shop and contact details possible.

I have 6.5 planes ready to fly as I enjoy building them and repairing them as much as trying to keep them airborne.

Just a note: I am a licensed private pilot, which I don't get to use here in Thailand as there is no airport near me (Phitsanulok is nearest)  with an instrument rating as well. And rentals, as far as I can tell, are very expensive. I find keeping an R/C airplane in the air harder than the real thing.

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