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BANGKOK 17 February 2019 20:24

Tourists in Chiang Mai: We'd rather use Grab or Uber than rip off Red Buses

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22 hours ago, Saladin said:

Songtaews (Red buses) get an undeserved bad press in Chiang Mai. At just 30B they do provide a cheap convenient service. Often, they must travel from one side of the city to the other for 30B or maybe not pick up a fare at all. I usually use GRAB because it's door to door service, air conditioned and comfortable and reasonably priced, although a couple of nights ago I was quoted 325B from Nimmanhaemin to Chiang Mai Gate, which I declined in favor of 40B on a songteow. The real rip-off merchants are the tuk-tuks who demand a minimum of 100B for even a 2 minute ride.

IDK what app you use but Nimmanhaemin to Chiang Mai gate is nowhere near 325B ever. I never even paid more than 200B for that from Sansai. And cheap songtaews? Never found one near the city. Also they easily do 4 loads of a dozen people * 30THB = 1,440B per day in peak hours alone.

Most just pretend to be sad and poor but are nowhere near it and if they are because of poor decision making.
I rather think they are spoiled instead as they earned even more before ripping off boat loads of tourists.

Should simply restrict the amount of them outside of peak hours and at least force them to install an exhaust filter.

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On 2/5/2019 at 4:56 PM, Vacuum said:

They are two-strokes and use lpg (or something like that). They can't produce black smoke from their exhaust.

They may not produce "black smoke" but the emissions are significantly higher than would be the case with 4 stroke engines where petroleum oil is not injected directly into the fuel.

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ahhh??? <deleted> is 2019 and it's news that people don't like riding in the back of pick-up truck..  more information for the low IQ. what a joke

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