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Something disgusting I saw at Curve Mall (although it was not surprising), leaving me to question why (?)

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I have been at the Curve Mall two times, about a month apart. THERE WAS NO SOAP IN BATHROOMS BOTH TIMES. I saw a restaurant staff person go into one of the men's stalls taking a few squares of toilet paper with him, but no soap (and, as mentioned, there was no soap in the bathroom). Disgusting. The view of the women's sink basin is also visible from the hall; no soap there either. (Yes, I know it's Thailand, but still.) There are places to eat and drink at the mall; and, of course, staff from these places are using the public bathrooms...and, then, going back to serve customers. Of course, as I have been living in Thailand for 9 years, this is not unusual to see, i.e., no soap and hand dryers in the bathrooms.


So here is my question(s):


Why does any somewhat modernized city not provide basic hygiene supplies in their public bathrooms? It’s basic health and science. 

--Is it because of a lack of money?

--Is it because of a lack of care and concern for public health?

--Is it simply ignorance that this is a health concern (which would be hard to believe)?

--Is it because there is no oversight by a regulatory body such as health departments in the Western world? 

--Is it all or some of the above?

I am trying to wrap my mind around why this is so.  Does anyone have a verified answer, or at least an opinion backed by some known fact of some sort?

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guessing the owner recognized that everything just sort of ..disappeared.. somehow.

work ethics in thailand is an oxymoron,

but as surveillance cams becomes cheaper,

there is hope yet to instill discipline

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53 minutes ago, madmen said:

I stopped going to a soup stall at central food court

Simple request "no sugar" failed most of the time and 2 FULL TABLE SPOONS of sugar still went into my soup. The ladies spoke English but they were brain dead

Msg and sugar makes it tasty.. Yuk no thanks



Two in one bowl serving?


Unlikely, unless she was in a real dream.

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Racist post reported and removed along with replies.  

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