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I Spent 6 Months In A Thai Prison For Shoplifting. Here’s How It Changed My Life


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"She reached out to my ex-husband, who contacted the U.S. consulate and did all he possibly could to get me out of Thailand. But he was unable to help in any way besides staying in contact with the consulate and keeping my friends and family updated about my well-being."


If I had been her ex, I would merely have replied with 2 words, the second of which was "off".

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On 2/6/2019 at 12:46 PM, Pdavies99 said:

Hmm!!  I'm not sure i believe this?  6 months for petty theft, I think the police and shopkeeper would have got her to pay and kicked her out of Thailand. More to this story than what's stated, even if true.

I caught a guy entering my house on my CCTV. He also got 6 months I was told. Not in prison but with the monks.Because he was only 16. I was not  the best friend of his family at that moment but they actually thanked me after. My house has never been safer than after that

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On 2/6/2019 at 9:10 AM, ChipButty said:

They frown upon petty crime in Thailand especially with a Farang, do your time bitch

She admitted recommitting the crime and she has done her time. No need to call her a bitch. We have all made mistakes and done stupid things in our younger days - maybe not shoplifting, but we've all crossed the line sometime. 


I've noticed over the years that it's always the people who act so upset by such acts and show such contempt for those who have tripped up along the way or proclaim how they're innocent of such folly are the ones who have the most skeletons to hide.


Get off your high horse!  


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On 2/6/2019 at 8:35 PM, Denim said:

Interesting read. I am inspired to follow in her footsteps.


Tomorrow I will try to steal a box of wine from Makro.


If I get caught it could lead to me discovering my true inner self and will lead to new and as yet untried sexual experiences.


If I don't get caught I'll have enough ersatz wine to get pissed for 5 days.


A win win scenario.

And learn how to sew

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