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New retirement extension rules forces expat, 90, to leave Thailand

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New retirement extension rules forces expat, 90, to leave Thailand  



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A ninety year old retiree in Thailand has told a newspaper that he is being forced out of Thailand.


New immigration  rules have forced "Don" to call it quits and head home.


He told the Nation on their "Your Say" page:


"At 90 years of age I will now have to move out of Thailand because of new immigration requirements.


"Can the Thai police and their "order", or Thai immigration, help and tell me where to go?


"They just did and it begins with the letter "H""


He signed his name simply "Don" and gave no other details.


Recent changes to immigration rules say that retirees need to have 800,000 baht in a Thai bank for two months before a visa extension application and three months after. 


Many have said that the new rules are designed to stop the practices of unscrupulous visa agents and the expats who pay them for their services. 


But large percentages of expats in recent Thaivisa forum and Facebook surveys have said they are being forced out of Thailand. 


Comments reveal that many feel they are no longer welcome in "The Land of Smiles".




-- © Copyright Thai Visa News 2019-02-06
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