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Bangkok Hospital

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Niece got job at new Bangkok Hospital and says staff well treated and happy. Dropped off some items from home with her and looked around. Certainly nice new building and plenty of staff. The elevator index shows 2 floors for in-patient wards and 3 floors for doctors/specialists. Niece says they have all the latest gadgets and gizmos. Family member rode along and had eye infection. Saw doctor and was treated within an hour. Cost w meds about B1,300.


I've been disappointed with Overbrook and Siburin (although haven't been there since remodel). So Bangkok may be my go-to hospital for anything significant. It's certainly at the top end of the price range - as expected. I hope the quality of care matches but I have no experience there yet. The other option for me would be Mae Fah Luang but I haven't heard comments about whether people are satisfied with the quality of care there. 

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My family and I have used MFLU several times and I have had to stay there overnight once, it has always been a great experience for us. Never have had to wait longer than 10 minutes to talk with a doctor, and it is very cheap. Last year I needed to go to the ER, got some emergency shots, got put on an IV, stayed overnight in a VIP room... paid 1200 baht total. It is for sure our go-to.

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