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Close an Inactive Thai Company or Do Nothing?

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On 8/25/2019 at 4:39 PM, manjara said:

I also have a dormant company that I HAVE been filing all the appropriate returns for, but it's costing me a fortune because the accountants don't have a 'plan' for how to deal with a dormant company (more money for them!)

I worked out that it would be cheaper to file once per year and pay the penalties, instead of every month, but the accountants refused to do that, and insist on charging me a prep fee every month and a travel fee to lodge the return (zero every month). Even when I stopped paying, in order to catch up they insisted on charging me as though i had filed every month!!


Does anyone know of an accountant that can do the minimal paperwork for a dormant company (I somehow feel that companies used to buy property must have a simpler approach?). 

My costs at the moment are around 120k each year to keep everything up to date, but it shouldn't be that high! (about 50k of that is maintaining an address).


Given that there seem to be a few of us with these dormant companies, there could be a business opportunity in dealing with them!  (I wouldn't have the time to start that at the moment)


P.S. Anyone guess who my current accountants are! (their catchphrase is 'Mai dai!')  😂

do you still have the company?

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