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Immigration rules led me to attempt suicide, says long term Belgian expat


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Not to stray to far from the OP, but I think a lot of these new enforcements i.e. elimination of the income affidavits and the post seasoning of 800K, came as a result of too many people trying to game the system and then having the audacity to boast about it in an open forum, as well as many who could not stand to see some people easily getting the aforementioned affidavit when they themselves could not.

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10 hours ago, ballpoint said:

You can live in Laos as long as you like, visa free.  All you need to do is to show immigration that you have a view of the sea from your window.

Well then just build a house on a steep hill and buy a telescope.

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He told the Nation that in 2015 after being a "law abiding citizen" in Thailand for ten years that his panic attacks meant that he could barely leave the house. He managed to go to 7/11 in the middle of the night but a visit to immigration was out of the question.



How can you be a law abiding foreigner (not citizen) while you were overstaying in not-your-motherland? 

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On 2/8/2019 at 9:42 AM, NickokasH said:

I'm the author of this article printed in The Nation and I just want to clarify a few things.


I moved to Thailand at the age of 31. Up until then, I had always worked in the IT field. Upon arriving in Thailand, I started an IT consulting firm and then moved on to become a freelancer (no WP necessary there, at least according to one of the honchos from immigration.


I never had any mental issues until 2014, when I fell into a deep depression and started suffering from acute agoraphobia. I stopped working at that time and started living on my savings. I left my nice condo in the Silom area and moved to a concrete box in Udomsuk to save costs.


Things started going better in 2016, which is why I decided to fix my legal situation by going to Don Muang and leaving the country.


Once in Vietnam, I didn't know anyone, all my friends had been left behind in Thailand. I felt utterly alone and swallowed 3.5gr of codeine, which, unfortunately, did not kill me.


One of my friends contacted the Belgian embassy which pit me in touch with their consulate in Hanoi. I met the consul who oversold me the repatriation back to Belgium, saying that I was going to be taken care of, medically and financially. I agreed to take the flight back home, met representatives from the Red Cross at the airport and they dropped me in front of a homeless shelter with no money and no social security.


It took me 3 months to finally be eligible for social security and healthcare coverage. In the meantime, I was staying in a shelter for the first time of my life. The first night I spent there, two guys threw another bloke out a second floor window because of an argument. 


Since then, my mental situation has deteriorated. Two years of living out of shelters will do that to someone's especially someone who's always had a stable life. I have no family left so getting help from a third party was not an option.


The past two years, I have gone through hell. I have now been in a mental hospital for the past three months and have started the process to formally request euthanasia, which thankfully is legal in Belgium even for psychiatric ailments.


None of this would have happened has I been allowed to stay in Thailand. I 2qs ready to work again and had a friend network that was able to help me.


Again, like I said in my letter to the Nation, I understand the need for immigration laws. But, like the recent changes to the immigration laws for retirees, I think they could be applied more humanely.


Have you found out what the cause is to your mental state and what started it? 

In my opinion, the society of doctors aren't interested in causes, only quick fixes with pills, although, short term could be necessary.

I do hope you are feeling better now and wish a happy long life for you. 


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If the Thai government thought that getting tough on immigration would cause more farang suicides, they would be a hundred times as tough as they are now. I'm surprised they have been as lenient as they have. Farangs are as popular as smallpox here. 

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On 2/9/2019 at 12:17 PM, utalkin2me said:

People who start off by saying "I do not do drugs or drink" probably do drugs and drink. 

I never do drugs and drink very seldom, does that make me a druggie and a drinker(alcoholic?)? 


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