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Thailand is hot, reveals Met Office

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Thailand is hot, reveals Met Office




Thailand's meteorological office has revealed that henceforth it will be hot during the day, reported Daily News. 


Bangkok and its surrounding areas could expect daytime temperatures of between 34 and 36C. 


There is still a bit of respite in the north and north-eastern regions, however with cooler weather still being experienced in some areas.


The highs and lows forecast is as follows:


North: 14 - 39

North East: 18 - 38

Central: 24 - 38

East: 23 - 37

South 24-35. 


Most places have a 10% chance of rain and stormy weather. 


Source: Daily News




-- © Copyright Thai Visa News 2019-02-08

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36 minutes ago, dcnx said:

Sometimes I think they are just messing with us.


There is no way intelligent people would make such an obvious claim, here of all places. Of course it’s bloody hot. Humid too. 

The daytime temperature up here in the NE has increased about 7c this past week, been at 30c for the past month or so, night temps are still nice at around 20c, humidity low during daytimes at ~39%, the weather various a lot across Thailand, many on here have no idea how much! :shock1:

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3 minutes ago, BobbyL said:

There was literally about 3 days of winter in Bangkok. 

I missed that. Maybe I can catch it next year.

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