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Weatherman predicts worsening smog problem next week

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4 hours ago, unamazedloso said:

pm2.5 is 112 right now where i am. About 100 or so rai of sugarcane is going to be set on fire tonight here in kanchanaburi so my prediction will be a reading of between 350-500+ for the next 3days. And who cares? No one!!. Thai ignorance deserves a medal. Politicians need the death penalty. They havent done a thing for bettering the lives of thais for the decades ive lived here. Not a dam thing!! In fact i would bet money that the health of thais now is worse than what it was even 5yrs ago. More population with stupid ideas like burning all leaves, rubbish, farms, forests, charcoal and charcoal pots, etc... Its an abomination. Spraying water in the air is a trick. Diesels with euro4 ratings+ pollute no more than anyother car and banning diesel is impossible. I have an excavator, tractor and pickups all using diesel. All machines, trucks, airport machinery, etc.. all use diesel. Im sick of the blame game from the thai gov. Its pathetic.

You should check ALL the sugar cane growing countries and not just single out Thailand before you get on your soapbox about the burning of the cane fields. The largest sugar growing countries in the world still follow the burning of the fields the night before the harvest. It does not matter if it is a Euro4 rated diesel or not, if the motor is tuned properly and it is using pure first grade diesel fuel then you will not get the black smoke, but if the fuel has been mixed with fuel oil at the refinery then the fuel oil will burn the tips of the injectors and that will cause black smoke. Then you must remove the whole fuel system and clean it plus replace the injectors at a great loss of time and expense. When you look at a lot of the diesel vehicles here in Thailand they are not maintained very well and they prefer the noise that they get instead of tuning them properly. Many of the pick-ups should be off the road because there is no way that they would meet the safety standards or the emission standards, but the people just keep using them and they do not care.

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Amazing Thailand and foreigners are arguing over 65K in the bank or leaving 800K deposit throughout the year to inhale smog and smell stinky sois while overhanging power cables are threatening people's life like Damocles swords. And people still want to live here. I wonder why? May be they are addicted or infected with an unknown  virus.

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