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BANGKOK 16 February 2019 06:55

Where remove small cyst/bump from ingrown hair?

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20 hours ago, attrayant said:

If this is just a small cyst, why not have it removed at your local clinic?  For something like a lymph node, where they'd have to go through the muscle, I could see going to a hospital.  But a cyst?

"Local clinic" = outpatient clinic in a hospital.


Most parts of Thailand (including Bangkok where he is) do not have many clinics as such, outpatient care is done in hospital outpatient clinics. For everything, even splinters, common colds etc (well actually a lot of people just go to pharmacies for the latter. But if they do so a doctor it will be in a hospital).


Going to a hospital does nto have the same connotation here that it does in some countries.  The overwhelming majority of patients in hospitals here each day are coming for simple, basic outpatient care and all hospitals have large outpatient clinics. 


It has advantages over the stand alone clinic model of care in that central lab, imaging etc can be readily accessed and shared by all the docs.



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