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Renewing Extension of Stay based upon Retirement...Queries

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My current extension to stay based upon retirement lapses in mid July 2019 and I will be submitting an Application for Extension based on the income option of 65k baht which would be fulfilled by  pension payments from UK directly into 2 Bangkok Bank accounts. One account (Savings Account) receives Thai baht from UK State Pension (only payable in baht) paid every 4 weeks and the other (Foreign Currency Deposit Account) receives GBP from a Company Pension Plan on a monthly basis. As in previous years I plan to apply for the Extension Renewal around 3 weeks in advance of renewal due date. Whilst some time away I seek to collate and  prepare required information and documentation.


In particular I am trying to clarify situation relating to timings and documentation required by Immigration from Bangkok Bank as follows :


Firstly, with regard to timing of Application are Immigration continuing to accept Application submissions upto a month in advance of due date ?

Secondly, will I be required to show 12 months of information upto date of Application  or just 6 months data from 1st January 2019 when the new directives were implemented ?

Thirdly, given that I have 2 Bank Accounts, presumably  the Bangkok Bank will need to issue a letter for each account individually  confirming account details/balances etc What date should be used on the letter(s) ; must it be the same as day of Application or is there a couple of days leeway ?

Fourthly, I understand the Bank must also provide  confirmation of the inward transfer of funds into Thai banks. Is there any particular format clarification regarding what information the letter should contain and, importantly, any indication on the timing validity of such a Bank letter....will it be valid for one day, one week, one month ?


Appreciate not everything is necessarily clear at this time but would welcome any guidance or clarification.

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