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Good dentist needed in Sakhon Nakhon

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My wife is returning to SN for a month in late March and wants a tooth implant

She has a single denture now as they are £2500 each in the  UK


I would like to arrange it before she arrives


Please can someone who stays in SN recommend a really good dentist






PS what happened to te forum that was based in SN? Thought it was SN live...guy called Hans ran  it...cant find it now 

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I don't recall the dental surgery's name, but this may help. I've had some major work done there & more than happy with the treatment & service.

Big C intersection. Head south for about 100 meters or so. Right hand side.  

Address: ถนน สกลทวาปี Tambon Dong Mafai, Amphoe Muang Sakon Nakhon, Chang Wat Sakon Nakhon 47000 Phone: 042 712 913.

Unfortunately receptionist doesn't speak english. My dentist, female, has good conversational English.

Hope this is of some help. Cheers.....    Mal.




Phone: 042 712 913

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And going the other way from Big-C, back into town (if I've understood malt25's directions correctly). Along the road from Bangkok bank, opposite the entrance to Imperial hotel is a another good dental surgery. Wife and I had work done there - very clean, efficient, all the latest kit.

The male dentist and at least one female speak good English, not sure about the receptionist.

Don't know the name, but number is 042 712 318 and 087 324 0211


Sakon Nakhon Live website is still there, just looking at it now. I don't know why it doesn't appear on a search for say, 'Sakon Nakhon Live', perhaps because it is a blogspot? You can find it on the searchblogspot website, type in 'sakon nakhon' and it will come up on the list.     

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