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BANGKOK 22 April 2019 09:03

Cost of living in Bangkok, Phuket, Pattaya and Chiang Mai among the highest in ASEAN

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7 hours ago, rooster59 said:


Numbeo claims to be the “world’s largest database of user contributed data about cities and countries worldwide

Well if they claim to be the biggest and best, it must be true.  Luckily we know in this day of dubious claims, at least we can feel certain about anything that we find on the Internet.

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10 minutes ago, dcnx said:

Depends on how bad they ruin your health. 

Just amortize a few stents over your smoking life. Adds pennies a pack

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5 hours ago, KiChakayan said:

"Wife allowance" 20 k

Health insurance + deductibles 25k

Electricity/water             6k

Cars Ins+petrol+main      8k  

Gardener                       6k

Here's 65k of your expenses right here.  I won't pry into why your insurance and wife allowance are what they are, but...


You must have a huge house with central air and a huge garden that requires a live-in gardener for those rates.  Or someone is paying your bills for you and skimming.


My gardeners charge us 400 baht each time they come (that's for 4-6 people), about every 3 weeks when it's rainy (less when it's not).


New car would be that much if you include lease payment but now it's paid off could do with 1k per month fuel and 10-15k per year maintenance.

Electricity is about 2k per month with two air conditioned bedrooms, a bit less when it's cool and we open the windows some nights.


When I was going to school I survived on 14k per month after I paid tuition and I still had enough for the occasional pint.  Some expenses are unavoidable, but we all make lifestyle choices too.

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7 hours ago, Samui Bodoh said:

"...The website said the monthly costs for a single person to live in Bangkok was 21,017.40฿ without rent..."


21,017 a month WITHOUT rent? What the hell do people do in Bangkok that is so expensive?


I live on Koh Samui, modestly but comfortably, for around that much including rent.


PS To be fair, I neither smoke nor drink; those are two of the more expensive habits...




Guess it's lifestyle choices. 


Many people living in Bangkok, and other cities will drink alcohol which is expensive, possibly smoke which is still pretty cheap here, and dine out in restaurants in the Malls or large Hotels. Do that a few times a week and the expense shoots up. 


Not everyone is comfortable eating at the roadside restaurants or from street vendors; and many don't like to cook or eat meals at home.


We don't eat out so much as we used to because the costs have noticeably increases. We don't drink alcohol which helps keep the costs acceptable.


All a matter of choice. 

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6 hours ago, mikebell said:

I have watched my standard of living being eroded over fifteen years.  My state pension has been frozen by the UK Gov.  Thailand continues to inflate prices for staple food stuffs/services.  I am teetering on the brink of emigrating - new Immigration rules may push me over the edge.

It's largely the Wall Street play on commodities years ago that sent food prices soaring and of course they never returned to where they were.... now add to that inflation and it has screwed a lot of people particularly Thais.

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Just now, Nyezhov said:

No Chinese today Mr. Oliver Twist.


Come on man! IC and the adjacent Holiday Inn is like San Francisco Chinatown - every single day.


Are we talking about the same Inter Continental? 

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6 hours ago, jaltsc said:

"Many of the destinations popular with expats and foreign retirees to Thailand are some of the most expensive cities to live in ASEAN."

And best of all, retirees get to deposit into a Thai bank 800,000 baht, which does not accrue interest, for the privilege of living among people who love and appreciate how much they contribute to the local economy.  

Or 65,000 baht each month, which you can spend.

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Currently in outer Chiang Mai for 2 adults + baby:
- Rent: 8,500
- Utilities / Internet: 2,000

- Mobile Internet 2x: 1,000

- Netflix, Spotify: 500

- Food / wife: 15,000

- Baby: 5,000

- Visa reserve: 2,000

- Fuel / Grab taxi's: 1,500

- Entertainment / Others: 10,000 
   Total: 45,500 baht per month 


That is just a normal good life lived but nothing fancy at all and the baby costs will eventually go up big time with school on top.
I do have to say that the rent is really cheap and it is a brand new house.


Could it be cheaper? I think we could survive with 30k if needed but it would not be fun.

Also this does not include my personal trips and parties in BKK / elsewhere or other bigger spendings that come from time to time.


At least 90k a month needed to also do some proper saving and investing.

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A couple of off-topic troll posts have been removed.

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2 hours ago, luckyluke said:

Priorities are different from one person to another, one's age is also an important factor.


After 15+ years in Pattaya, I decided, being 70, to live in Thonglor ( not the cheapest area of Bangkok ).


I like also to eat Camembert, Brie, Reblochon, or any other French cheese, or/and Serrano, Parma, Black Forest, ham in the morning with my baguette.


Having a beer ( a few in fact ) in a nice air conditioned place, stylish service, soft Jazz music in the background is also  among my actual desiderata. 


Not the cheapest choices, but my decision and my money. 



How's your BMi?

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