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The Latest Info on Retirement Visas from Immigrations

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Well, if this is genuine (and, as a player in the market, your company has a vested interest in it being so) then the embassies that have withdrawn the income letters will have to have a serious rethink on how they are screwing over so many of their citizens if there is no other acceptable way of proving income. Their (coordinated?) action last year was on the presumption that the income based extension would continue in some form or other. I hold out little hope, though.   

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31 minutes ago, billsmart said:

A letter from your embassy verifying you receive a pension (not just any income) of a minimum of ฿65K per month. (As of 2020, this will be the ONLY acceptable proof of monthly income.), or…Embassy will say that you are who you say youare and nothing else.

A letter from the US Embassy will say that you are who you say you are and nothing else so that would mean US citizens are not eligible for extension based on monthly income. OK.

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