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BANGKOK 21 February 2019 20:49

The Latest Info on Retirement Visas from Immigrations

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That's what I (and others) have been told by my local (Phetchabun) IO, but many (most) on this forum dispute that.

I'd say right now, that's still not known for sure, but certainly is a possibility that needs more validating.

On 2/16/2019 at 3:51 PM, marcusarelus said:

I don't think you quite get it yet, marcusarlus.

I live in the Phetchabun area, not Phuket. When I go to get my stay extension, I go to the Phetchabun IO, not the Phuket IO. So, the ONLY clarification of the rules that mean anything to me is the clarification from Phetchabun IO.

All these other interpretations are interesting, but only one set will pertain to me next December - and I know that interpretation might very well change between now and then.

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