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Death of 17-year-old British tourist: Patong bike rental shop fined Bt2000

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Patong bike rental shop fined B2k after death of British 17-year-old

By The Phuket News



Rescue workers at the scene of the accident in Kamala that killed 17-year-old British tourist Anthony Ryan late last month. Photo: Kamala Rescue


PHUKET: The rental operator in Patong that rented out the motorbike that 17-year-old British tourist Anthony Ryan was riding when he crashed and died late last month was fined only B2,000, Kamala Police have confirmed.


Young Mr Ryan was on holiday with a friend when he lost control of his motorbike and drove into the oncoming lane and straight into a minivan on the coastal road between Kamala and Patong on Jan 24.


Lt Col Yossaphat Suwannasit of the Kamala Police who has been leading the case told The Phuket News. “The rental shop owner was fined B2,000 last week. Vehicle rental companies that rent vehicles to people who do not hold a valid driving licence must be fined B2,000.”

Read more at https://www.thephuketnews.com/patong-bike-rental-shop-fined-b2k-after-death-of-british-17-year-old-70342.php#VbyC0Sq7HrRi6yeH.99




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10 minutes ago, colinneil said:

Fining the rental company 2000 baht just shows how cheap life is here.

Only thing that matters is money, and getting more money.

This is an understatement...even if the person who rented the moped was of legal age, then it would be determined "who" was at fault. And it does not matter...."if" the person who hit the moped is at fault, then it would have to be determined whether a minor (or other tourists who don't know the road rules) is at fault. I'll go with Thais for $500 Alex:).

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And I'd love to observe the driving skills? of those who are entrusted to uphold these infractions. When will this all end? how many lives  do have to be lost until YOU (and I have your number:)...meaning the inept Thai gov't. do SOMETHING about it.. Until then...you are being watched and will be prosecuted if appropriate:)

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The bike and car rental shops are getting fined 2000 baht for not having a International driving permit according to my friend

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2 hours ago, AlexRich said:

I wonder what Mr Ryan's fine would be if he had survived a crash with a Thai car or scooter driver?



the bike shop properly gone after his friend to pay for the bike now. To young to die. RIP

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