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Brexit: What will happen in the British parliament on February 14?

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4 hours ago, Basil B said:

Maybe TM will be seducing JC at number 10...

With his record that should be a doddle!

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For those who wonder what might happen in the next six weeks, read this thread 






The longer we delay: 


We are getting ourselves into a weaker and weaker position.


We have the brewings of several constitutional crises 

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4 hours ago, SheungWan said:

Keep your eyes on Sterling.


4 hours ago, vogie said:

Why would anyone want to use this figure of "17.4 of 66 million = 26.4%" when it also includes people like babies, young children and teenagers under the age of 18. There are about 20 million of the population that are illegible to vote. Would it not be less confusing if you just used the appropiate figures of the actual voters.

What do you mean? Their crosses can not be read?

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1 minute ago, dick dasterdly said:

You've clearly missed the things we don't want from the eu - namely (admittedly in my IMO) freedom of movement/way too wasteful and expensive govt. etc. etc.


As a 'relatively' wealthy brexiteer - I care far more  about the poorest in society, whose wages are being kept as low as possible due to the influx of eu citizens from far poorer eu countries.

We know all that! We're bored of hearing it.


WHAT DO YOU WANT? any of you? Somebody??

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49 minutes ago, vogie said:

Is it time to move on tebee, the referendum took place going on 3 years ago, we have been down this road so many times the cobbles are getting worn away. You and the rest of the remainers that are chanting the same old mantra everytime they post is not going to change anything, can't we just admit that the government gave the public a choice of remain or leave, they promised to impliment that choice that they voted for. It has happened, there is no going back, we are at another chapter in the Brexit book. What satisfaction do you and your fellow reminiscers get by keep bringing it up, it is history. Nothing you say will change it, so again please move on. Advisory or not, it is happening.

Equally  you will have to admit there is no legal obstacle to us not leaving the EU  If the government rescind art 50 before 29/3 the will face no legal consequences, though there may be political ones..


If, however they leave without a deal, they will have broken the GFA which is legal obligation.


It will be interesting to see what they chose.

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