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Few Visa and immigration question for my next trip


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French Passport holder, going to arrive Siem Reap on a Friday Evening (18.40) via Bangkok Airways. 

I haven't been in cambodia for more than a year.


For a smooth travel, i have few questions.


1) No return ticket, would Bangkok Airways make any trouble at check in? Would it be advisable in that case to get e-visa?

2) Should i expect huge queue at SR immigration for VOA on a friday evening? In that case would it be worth paying the 6$ extra for e-visa?

3) I will probably book accomodation via airbnb for that trip. Is it looking for trouble to give an airbnb host address to immigration instead of hotel adress? 



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(3) is definitley no.


(2) is maybe. Personally I would pay the $6, among other thingsi t saves a full page in your passport.


(1) I don't know, maybe. Let others answer as I have always had visa when I traveled (but often not a return flight).

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Well, my fault, i was going to do the e-visa thinking it was 24 hours to get it in all cases but then i've seen some reports of unlucky customers who had to wait more than 4 days...


I'm confident that it will be ok at the airport.

Worst case i will buy a (probably useless) ticket out of the country in BKK if i get troubles at check-in... 

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Thanks Sheryl,


It was ok without e-visa, however i will point out for people interested in the subject that i had a 5 minutes interview with the airline check-in staff in BKK because of the absence of return ticket.


When was the last time you went in cambodia, how long will you stay, show me your hotel booking, where you go next, etc etc...


French Passport and last time in cambodia in november 2017 for my personal background

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