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Thai man pretends to be handicapped to get disabled parking - posts online


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...in some minds....some types...anything goes....for unearned or undeserved advantages...


...but of course this is the case everywhere in the world.....


....it's the self-righteous attitude that is the clincher....


...or when the race card is played.....

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Our Thai mid-so lady friend simply pays the security guard 100baht to park in the disabled bays at the main doors of Central.

The rest of Thailand double parks anywhere rather than walk 200 feet. 

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On 2/11/2019 at 2:06 PM, Baerboxer said:


At some of our local Big C's, Tesco's, HomePros and shopping malls, they now have a security guard stationed near the disabled parking bays to check who intends parking there.


My son is severely disabled and it's very difficult to manage his wheelchair in normal parking bays when neighboring ones are full. 


The selfish c**nts who park in these bays because they're too lazy to walk a bit should have their vehicles clamped and charged a massive release fee.

You 1000% correct 

It happens every day Thai people are just me first generation 

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