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Lawyers / agents for SME registration

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Hello folks ;


I'm looking for feedback from people who "recently" had some help from lawyers or "agents" in order to register their new SME business in Bangkok.


I know they all kind of offer the same classic A-Z package which includes everything from name registering to VAT registration and so on (that's what i'm looking for at least).


Would be more like general questions :

How long does the process takes Days ? Weeks ? Months?

How much would a standard SME (51 % thai / 49% foreigner) business registration costs ? Not asking for a precise price, i know it all depends, but overall how much would be a fair price at +/- 20% ?

What's your lawyer / agent's name and website ?

What else !?

Yah i know "you could do it yourself" please no, i'm willing to pay to get it done properly.



Thanks !

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Old thread, but anyway: currently doing this 🙂

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