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Three foreign couples among 17 taking the plunge during Trang’s underwater wedding


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Three foreign couples among 17 taking the plunge during Trang’s underwater wedding 

By The Nation




This year’s underwater wedding in Trang province will see 17 couples tie the knot and have their marriage licences registered, Pichai Manasut, president of the Trang Chamber of Commerce, said on Monday.


Three couples from China, Malaysia and the Netherlands are among those taking the plunge this week.


The world-renowned festival, which runs from Tuesday to Thursday, is part of the province’s celebration of the day of love, Valentine’s Day.


The organisation of the group wedding is aimed at promoting Thai tourism and Thai traditional weddings around the world, Pichai said.


In this year’s 23rd holding of the festival, 17 couples will be welcomed in a ceremony on Tuesday before being taken on a sightseeing trip in Trang.


The following day, they will tie the knot under water at Hin Kon Diew, near the Morakot cave in Kantang district. 


Senior officials of the province involved in the registration, including the governor and national park chief, will don full gear and dive into the marine beauty spot to conduct the wedding ceremony for the couples, he explained.


On Valentine’s Day itself, activities will take place to give blessings to the newly married couples. 


Anyone interested in learning more about the festival can contact Trang authorities at (075) 290 181.


Source: http://www.nationmultimedia.com/detail/breakingnews/30363926



-- © Copyright The Nation 2019-02-11

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