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BANGKOK 16 February 2019 20:31

marriage and Retirement extension refused

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Perhaps get your bank statement notorised and legalized by your foreign office and the Thai embassy in Australia, together with income source entitlement, if from a pension (and if not fragmented)?

Pity the 400k THB you have was not sitting in a Thai Bank though...?

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Khon Kaen immigration have the final say on marriage visa's for this area.
The 400K is not in my Thai bank account as of yet, it is cash. Was just using the 65k in my Aus account as I have always done.
If you obtained the stat dec before the 7th, you can still use it.
TI are now saying that using the stat dec is not the problem, but the wording on it is the issue, which is ridiculous.

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12 hours ago, tilaceer said:

Forms then sent to Khon Kaen for approval.

If you're near KK, why not a trip to Suvannakhet for a 1 year multi entry Non-o VISA, 5000bht, no financials.

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1 hour ago, ubonjoe said:

I can see Division 4's point about the wording. You need to prove your income not money in a bank in Australia.

I think you are in a losing battle with them.

I suggest you do what they said to do. Make a trip to Vientiane or Savannakhet to get a single entry non-o visa based upon marriage. Then either start brings at least 40k baht into a Thai bank account or deposit 400k in the bank and leave it there for 2 months before applying for ant another extension. If you needed more time to show the income or money in the bank you could get a 60 day extension to visit your wife of the 90 day entry from the visa.

I have used this exact wording for 6 years without issue.

They can see on the bank statement it is income.

As an update, I have approached the Australian Embassy and asked for a one off stat dec as this is urgent, but so far they are saying "we understand but do not issue them anymore" A stamp and a signature and all is resolved, but no.

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