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PM2.5. Lampang-Phrae-Nan. Worse than CM and BKK

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There is a lignite coal mine and a powerplant near Lampang.

In Mae Moh.

And I'm sure the dirt in the air comes from there.

It's not the traffic and it's not the farmers.

In the moment is's not China or Cambodia or ...




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8 hours ago, kevvy said:

Drove through there just recently , the haze went from lampang to Bangkok .There was over 140 burning off fires lit



Thanks for the link.

Just another observation. Last Tuesday I drove from Rongkwang to Chiang Mai.

On the '103' there was 'fog' till Ngao. Then on the '1' there was thick fog again

till Lampang. But about 30 km behind Lampang '11' the skies became blue.

This was in the morning.

On the way back on Wednesday afternoon almost exactly the opposite. Blue skies

from Chiang Mai till Long in Phrae Province on the '1023' and then fog, haze, smog.

Only around Lampang we noticed smoke on two places in the forests.

Following a screenshot from yesterday. And today is's worse.



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It got dirty here pretty quickly, I was up at Doi Chang behind my place last Thursday and took this pic.

It's a lot worse now.




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Temperamental Member - 'It's a lot worse now.'

Any idea why? - Thanks.


Burning/Clearing forests?

Slash and Burn?

Is it farmers fault?

Is it traffic?

Or could this perhaps be a lignite power plant?


The EGAT-People in Mae Moh said today to my wife, there is forest-clearing

in Amphoe Long (and for that we have continuous smog in and around Phrae...).




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We went higher on the ridge and stopped to buy some local produce, you could see for miles and there were at least a dozen fires burning in the area. (You can see one in my photo).

This would have to make a contribution to the air pollution.

It still seems to be an improvement on previous years though.

This photo was taken 17th Feb 2014.



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Saturday afternoon we arrived to Tak. We checked in to a hotel on the river Ping and got a room on fifth floor with a beautiful view over the river and with the big mountains on the other side. 

We saw the smoke from burning on the mountains and in the evening we could also see the fires. 

Sunday morning we could not see any mountains. Driving from Tak north on hw1 the haze got worse and worse when we got closer to Lampang. 

After Lampang when we got closer to Phayao it got better and better and in Phayao it was not bad at all. And when we came close to Chiang Rai we could see  miles. 

But now we got the haze here in Chiang Rai too. 

What I can see, we have had winds from South, South-East the last couple of days.


And I attach a map with fires in the area last 72 hours. I made a childish try to show the borders of Thailand with a blue line. 






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This morning PM2.5 only 120 inside/130 outside near Phrae.

Yesterday much higher:  275/334

'as time goes by'

I too remember Feb/March 2014. Very bad.

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