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BANGKOK 20 February 2019 06:04

Lost Divorce papers

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Hello all

Can anyone give me some sound advice about a situation I am in.

I was married to a Thai national until 2017,  we had an uncontested divorce at Khet Bangrak registration office.

I live in the UK and wish to get married again but I cannot for the life of me  find my divorce certificate,I know I brought them back with me to the UK but my house is being renovated and the must have got thrown away in error, all I have is An English translated copy of the marriage certificate.

Obviously I need the divorce certificate to get married again, I now copy’s are available by visiting the registration office, but is there any other way I can obtain a copy without having to personally visit Thailand to sort it out. Surely there is an online database to access.

Any advice to get me out of this situation will be  appreciated.




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Yes, you can grant someone someone a Letter of Authority and supply them with a signed copy of your passport. You can post all of this to Thailand.


You need someone to go to a District Office to get a copy of the document for you.  The document can be printed at any district office as the database is nationwide.


It would help a lot if you have a copy or a picture of your ex wife's Thai ID card, or if you know her citizen number. Chances are it will be on the translation you have.

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