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After Chiang Mai, where to emigrate ?


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13 minutes ago, malibukid said:

Bali, excellent beaches, restaurants and friendly

Very poor medical care though.


I have a friend who lives there that has to come to CM twice a year for tests that are just not available in Bali

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Thanks to Orang for starting this discussion.


For me the plan is to go to Vietnam, the end of this month. Once there I will have to decide on making the trip 

a visa run (to come back to L.O.S.) or to stay there - if the visa process is really as simple as people have been

saying. Veterans tell me they don't hate Americans there anymore, though people everywhere else have not gotten over the American war in Vietnam. 

Next on my list would be Costa Rica. Lived there for one month,, about 16 years ago and I don't know what was 

I thinking to return to California to the desert slum of Slab City. So many nice things about that country, like the

peacefulness and women so fine and available, without a lot of hassle. I remember being told the lawyers could get me permanence there (I was on a one-month visa) for a cost of only hundreds of U$ dollars. Language is not a big deal, since I have studied Spanish here and there and it is not that difficult for an English-speaking person to learn and a lot of people know English there. Easy-going atmosphere and non-imposing government.

After that it would be Spain I think, just because I have heard a lot of good things about retiring there - and the language, again, would not be awfully hard to get a handle on.


Seychelles is also on my list. I stopped there for too short a time in 2014 on the way back to the U.S.A. from Thailand, completing a round-the-world trip. Tiny island nation where people of mixed ancestry have learned to get along. Climate is dreamy-mellow-moderate tropical. They speak: French (which I have studied and could learn with some practice), and a Creole French which is interesting, and (of course) English. Not cheap, but if the Seychellois can afford it - I could get by on my V.A. disability. 


But, being old and decrepit and looking for a place to lay down and rest for my last days, I think of Vietnam as being only an hour's plane ride away. Hate to go through the madness of airports and customs agents any more to get to other continents. I learned the basics of the language 50 years ago. 

But if Vietnam does not work out for me and if I am still alive this summer and able to travel I will go down the list.


Thanks again for opening up this topic and for the replies it generated.

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I'm a Brit and when the pound is further ruined by Brexit, against the Baht, I'll probably learn Spanish and research a move to Panama, or Dominican Republic which are both ex-pat friendly - with Philippines Manilla Metro as the alternative, as they do have a branch of Bangkok bank there - my secondry bank - and pretty much a safe living environment to rent. No way would I move to Cambodia  - s**t hole - or Vietnam - another planet.



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5 hours ago, ThaiPauly said:

Bob is most definatley not " Trailer Trash" we have some lovely trailer parks in the UK and I am sure that this is the type he is alluding to....there is no Trailer trash in the UK, but I have seen plenty of trailer parks in the states where the rednecks live and they are definately Trailer Trash

    Country Dick has been there, done that, and would likely beg to differ...



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5 hours ago, alex8912 said:

Darnang, Vietnam has had some good press


5 hours ago, alex8912 said:


Yes, of course, Dahling. That's the 'proper' way to say it. The Viets just don't know their own language, yet.

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19 hours ago, puukao said:

i'll play the devil's advocate...... first, the manager of the park can be crazy and make your life crazy (no, never lived there, but stayed at some when i did extensive traveling).....fines all the time, crazy rules, and they really own you on everything.   one place checked internet usage on each person, then banned people.  i'm not a fan of that.  then the people who live there.  10 kids in a trailer....one guy drinks all day....one guy talks to your wife all day...you get the idea.  i'd never do it.  if you want to leave, they may charge you a zillion months.  


I'm not a big fan of tiny homes, but more so than a trailer park.  or a nice townhome, not condo.  


florida has the most crazies anywhere.  needed to throw that in....


if i had to pick......i would start with San Antonio and a townhome.  


try to travel to places in Minnesota and Wisconsin....if you can handle the cold, might be a better quality of life.  my two cents....

I know a lot of TV programs and movies sometime depict mobile home communities as trashy.  However, the park I picked is 55 and over only (Yes, my wife meets the standard), no kids running around, lots of social activities in three clubhouses of which all have swimming pools, pool tables, hobby and craft rooms, card rooms, libraries, hot tubs, saunas tennis courts and shuffleboard courts.  Not to mention a very beautiful beach on the Atlantic Ocean less then a 10 minute drive away.  Here is a link to just one of several homes I'm looking at, note you can fish in the lake in it's back yard.  You might have to use a vpn set to a US location to open this link.   https://www.mhvillage.com/Mobile-Homes/Mobile-Home-For-Sale.php?key=2022624 



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On 2/12/2019 at 11:47 AM, BritManToo said:

Cambodia, Vietnam, Philippines, China (in no particular order).

They're all good, although China may be too strange for many.


Beer and booze is cheaper in all of them. Women are more expensive in Vietnam.

Exchange rates are also better in all of them, very little loss over the past 5 years.

VISAs are easy to get.

Food is probably the best in Cambodia (it surprised me), but different to Thailand, they use less chillies and more coconut milk and peanuts in their cooking.


Although I  haven't ever emigrated anywhere, I'm more a long term tourist.

Women are not a commodity...show a little respect.

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On 2/12/2019 at 2:12 PM, bkk6060 said:

Cambodia, Vietnam..

It sounds to me like any 3rd world environment will suit you just fine.

Please keep us posted.


I think it is a law anyone who leaves Thailand feeling angry must post once an hour on Thai Visa for 7 years. 

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