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Thailand to send progress report on human trafficking to US this April

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Thailand to send progress report on human trafficking to US this April




BANGKOK, 12th February 2019 (NNT) - Thailand will send a progress report on its anti-human trafficking operations to the US on April 5.


On Monday, Minister of Social Development and Human Security, Gen Anantaporn Kanchanarat , chaired a committee meeting to follow up on the implementation of anti-human trafficking measures which, according to him, have yielded concrete dividends.


The minister said the Thai and English versions of the 2018 Trafficking In Persons (TIP) report had been submitted to Prime Minister Gen Prayut Chan-o-cha and to the American Embassy in January.


Tuesday’s meeting also discussed Thailand’s counter measures taken against human trade and related activities being rolled out between January and March, 2019, focusing on three aspects - prosecution, protection and prevention.


The meeting touched on trafficking in persons related statistics, past achievements of the current administration, the enforcement of the Labor Protection Act, the development of a mobile application to assist human trade victims and the improvement of migrant labor management.


The next progress report will be submitted to the United States on April 5.



-- nnt 2019-02-12
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I don't know why Thailand is required to send Human Trafficking  reports to the US when Israel is the organ harvesting and human trafficking global ringleader, with the complicit help from the US and Turkey.

Israeli human traffickers  operate worldwide and in all likelihood they are stealing Thai children. 13 Israeli human traffickers were apprehended in Colombia. 







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3 hours ago, CeeGee said:

So let me get this right,Thailand is going to write a report themselves on how they have done on Human Trafficking reforms and then send it to the US.

Has anyone ever seen any form of report from the Thai Government that does anything apart from praise the Governments actions.

I think this report will probably filed under the "fiction" section.

You beat me to it... land of slave labour or facilitator of slaves across borders to neighbouring countries !

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