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BANGKOK 22 February 2019 01:02

Thailand is still among the most affordable destinations for expat retirees

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On ‎2‎/‎14‎/‎2019 at 7:57 AM, ginjag said:

A UK old age pension is far far better than a good qualified teacher here at 35k, how the hell do the elderly get the extra 30k to transfer...   again the point being Immigration know that 50% will have to leave, although they are living far more comfortable than a a teacher AND most immigration officers.     SO why then do they think we are a burden on society.   So as you say tying up 800k in a Thai bank a person can live on 20k easily and that then is not a problem ---crazy

Where's the 50% figure coming from ? I think you can take at least the zero off of that and then some

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