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BANGKOK 19 February 2019 10:08

Onshore visa caseworking, call for evidence, Chief Inspector of Immigration and Borders

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The Indendent Chief Inspector of Borders and Immigration has begun an inspection of the UK Visas and Immigration’s strategy for managing visa applications includes the ‘onshoring’ of decision making from overseas visa sections to its centres in the UK, and is now inviting anyone with relevant knowledge or ‘before and after’ experience of the onshoring of this function to write to him by 1st March 2019 with their evidence.


One key element of the inspection is the ‘customer experience’, which is why he is making a call for evidence, I'm sure that some of you may wish to contribute to this part of the inspection, and probably will also have an interest the wider aspects.


Without going into egg sucking mode, but having read previous communications from "customers" who feel they've been hard done by with various dealings with the UKBA, may I respectively suggest that you try and refrain from emotion and insults, but stick to relevent facts. Inspectors won't delve into individual cases but will probably look at areas where the procedures have not been carried out correctly and applications have been unfairly assessed, I would suggest that submissions are short and snappy, sorry if that sounds patronising, it's not meant to be


Call for evidence Home Offices visa casework onshoring network consolidation


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