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TV Malfunctioned

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I'm going to post this here since I live in Chiang Mai but then also in the more general electronic subforum.  About one week ago the TV just started showing those vertical colored lines in the corner.  At times they would disappear and the TV would look almost normal again but for the most part they were present at all times and across all sub ports, etc.  After calling samsung they said the issue was to the pixels and the only way to fix it was to replace the panel which would cost ~10K baht.  TV originally 30K baht about 5 years ago so probably worth much less in present day.


We took it to a shop that came recommended in the city.  They looked it over and mentioned similar findings to what the samsung tech support gave us over the phone.  They attempted to fix the problem and said sometimes they are able to fix it but in our case they were unsuccessful.  They were kind enough not to charge us for their effort.


Now we are stuck with this TV that was functioning perfectly less than about a week ago.  My questions..............


We are not going to pay for a new panel because that would cost almost as much as buying a new TV according to our sources.


1) Can anyone recommend a shop in town to get a 2nd opinion/another look at this issue?

2) If this TV is forever destined to have a malfunctioning screen we would probably look to sell the TV for parts rather than keep it?  Does anyone know a shop/buyer that would pay for a TV in this condition?




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