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BANGKOK 17 February 2019 02:11
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Looking for a Insect

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Purple-Horn-Scarab-Anoplotrupes-sharpi.jI’m looking for a insect that goes by the scientific name of Anoplotrupes Sharpi or the Purple Scarab. I’ve seen it native to the Chiangmai area and I have only seen them near the King and Queen Pagoda. Any info would be appreciative 🙂




How common are they? 


Season on they emerge?


Mating habits? What they eat?


Where are they commonly found?

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Very common but they are most prevalent in wet season. I havent seen one for a month or two, when i do they are flying around me like noisy helicopters.

Prior to changing into the beetle they live underground, dozens always in a compost heap where they are known as cockchafer grubs, wichitys and the like. Horrible things, especially if you are a gardener.

They get no mercy from me.

If you live in an urban setting you will not see many if at all

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