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"Entry denied because you come too often" - what's the deal?

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4 hours ago, alex8912 said:

There is no such requirement of showing proof of a state pension for an METV. Most people are NOT retired who get it. You usually have to show a letter saying you are employed ( but since you are not, the embassy or consulate in your home country told you proof of pension was ok) and you need to show about the equivalent of $7000 USD and ticket out of Thailand and some accomodation here ( I just have shown a two week hotel reservation that I cancel because my plans change before I arrive). A few other things like a pic and application are required.  Some consulates have different requirements so always check. 

I also think you are NOT getting 90 days upon arrival with an METV. You are getting 60 days but you are extending that entry by 30 days and going to immigration and paying another 1,900 baht for extension. 

So a lot of your information is wrong. 

Spot on correct, couldn’t have put it better myself he didn’t know what he was talking about.

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"entry denied because you come to often"   ... said the bargirl to the farang!   🤣  

Same here. It's always at the discretion of the individual Immi-Officer. Extremely sexy men like me always choose a Immi-Booth where a female Immi-Officer is on duty. Surely, the OP is also an extre

It seems to me that they are more interested in people who repeatedly stay for the full 30 or 60 days than those who come and go very often but only spend a week or two here. The latter are more likel

I have been flying into Swampy every 3-4 weeks or so and staying for 10-15 days at a time on visa exempt for over 4 years. On the entry form I always add to the reason for visit "wife" as there is no option for that. I do the same where they ask about accommodation. I put the village house number etc etc as address.

I think it was last November a female IO said 'I recommend you get a visa"...I asked her how do I do that? She just stamped me in. Have arrived 3 more times since then but have taken care to avoid a female IO.

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u know how your computer has agrhythems  sorry for spelling  well the thai immigration has computer programs now that can detect funny business i think...........like said from others. if you stay the entire 30 or 60 days. they probably start to suspect you.

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10 hours ago, yuiop said:

Because you come here, spend your money, and LEAVE.

Why would you want the visitor to leave, while they still have foreign-sourced money to spend?


6 hours ago, gamini said:

Of course they're trying to stop people living permanently here as a tourist, and evading paying any tax .

They pay VAT on every purchase.  How is it "better for Thailand" for them to go home sooner, and spend less (and pay less VAT)?


6 hours ago, gamini said:

Most countries in the world limit tourist visas to 6 months of the year. 

Most "high-wage" countries in the world - yes.  Almost all the rest have no such restriction.  Just a few - like Malaysia, Bhutan, and other xenophobic ones do.  India used to do this, but realized it was shooting themselves in the foot, so stopped this for visitors from higher-wage nations.



If you stay more than six months in a calendar year, you are subject to full income tax. So why all these complaints. 

I do not see how this makes any difference.  If someone has income in their passport-country, they likely have a dual-tax treaty with Thailand (most Western countries), pay tax there, and do not have to pay in Thailand.  Most expats do not owe taxes here for this reason. 


If the issue is personal income-tax, and Thailand would like to collect it, and have the person offset this from what they pay in their passport country (probably more), then offer a renewable extension option to under-50s that requires paying income-taxes in Thailand on a specified minimum income. 



Thailand is still much easier to stay as a tourist for .quite long term compared with other countries. But I guess the posters complaining about this never been anywhere else.

On the contrary, I have been to many other countries.  Every non-high-wage country except a few odd ones allows one to stay forever - at most with border-bounces.  Just in the region, Cambodia, Vietnam, and The Philippines.  Then add in almost all of Latin America, much of the Carribean, and many others.  In some of these, overstay is welcomed as "free money" they are happy to take (no banning, etc).


6 hours ago, Chicken George said:

They know you are rich. Even if ypu say you are not. Flights 7/9 times a year.. So now you know. 

Some with a recent passport history flying across several continents have been denied-entry at the airports.  I know one personally, and others have made reports here.


3 hours ago, Sticky Wicket said:

This is going to get ugly over time. I already know an official in the UK who has decided to make it very difficult for any Thais re applications etc. 

A member of his family was treated badly here and he has an axe to grind with ALL Thais.

That is unfortunate, since the Thais over there are likely completely unrelated to the bandits running "extra fee" schemes over here.  Most Thais I know are good people, and don't like the corruption any more than we do. 


3 hours ago, balo said:

The immigration are looking for people working illegally or criminals.

I wish that were all they were looking for - and I suspect most of those can easily buy their way out of any problems.


13 minutes ago, yogavnture said:

u know how your computer has agrhythems  sorry for spelling  well the thai immigration has computer programs now that can detect funny business i think...........like said from others. if you stay the entire 30 or 60 days. they probably start to suspect you.

I can think of some "legal-reason to deny" algorithms:

  • Repeat overstay history in Thailand (flake / doesn't have their s___ together)
  • Criminal history in Thailand (or international warrants - "bad guys out")
  • Unpaid bills in Thailand (indicates insufficient finances to afford their stay)

Staying "too long before" (undefined) is not listed in the Immigration Act as a legal reason for denial of entry.

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19 hours ago, Kadilo said:

There is no pattern it’s pure random. 




It's nothing other than the fact that they can do whatever they want to on a whim. The IO could be getting hungry and at that moment decide he want to make trouble for you. That is the fact. I don't care what visa you get on someone will eventually cause you trouble for whatever reason. They don't want you here Mr. Bigheart Farang coming to spread your benevolence and save the poor Thai people with your education, talent, or money. They just assume take your money, kick you out and laugh about it over a Chang. 


Thailand is a dump, the people don't want you here. If you are wise you will already be preparing to get out while you still can.

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18 hours ago, yogi100 said:

I have a METV (multiple entry tourist visa) which allows you to visit for up to 90 days at a time providing you have proof that you receive a state pension.


I visit maybe three times a year for 80 odd days each time and then go back home for two or three months.


I'm just waiting for them to put the kibosh on that.

Someone on Facebook group claims it's happening.

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46 minutes ago, JackThompson said:

Why would you want the visitor to leave, while they still have foreign-sourced money to spend?


They pay VAT on every purchase.  How is it "better for Thailand" for them to go home sooner, and spend less (and pay less VAT)?


So what if visitors have money to spend here, that does not mean they can just stay as long as they like here.  They are welcome to spend a week or two here and fly back to their home countries and then come back later on and stay for another few weeks if they like.  Thailand has the right to their own border controls, you don't like then don't come here, their money won't be missed because new visitors will come in their place.  And so what if less VAT is collected, red wine prices here is more than twice that of Australia, so no one buys them here, all is not lost.  The same goes for those lousy tips you dished out at restaurants, they won't be missed either.  What kind of visitors would spend months on ends living in Thailand without the proper visas, Thailand don't need these people, nor matter how nice a picture you paint it is Thailand loss without these people around.  Thailand could do well with high turnaround of visitors on 1 or 2 weeks stays.  These are the people that really spend money, the rest are just fakes. 🤣

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22 hours ago, swissie said:

It's always at the discretion of the individual Immi-Officer. Extremely sexy men like me always choose a Immi-Booth where a female Immi-Officer is on duty.




The last time a female officer took my passport and sent me to an officer to a room for answering his questions.


And one time at the border with Cambodia it was a female too.

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7 hours ago, yogi100 said:

Mine is a non-imm O category multiple entry visa. I'm looking at the entry in my passport this very minute.


The latest entry stamp in my passport is dated 27th Nov 18 and is valid till 24th Feb by which time I have to leave the LOS. Which by my calculation is 90 days or as near as dammit.


It cost me 125 quid from the Thai Embassy in London. It was valid from 21.2.18 to 20.2.19. and without doubt I had to show a letter from the pension people that I receive a state pension.


I've never had to show any funds or evidence of accommodation in the years that I've been using this type of visa. I've never once had to visit immigration nor pay 1900 baht. 


Is that going to change?

Why worry about things that are not there?

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There are so many factors that play a role here :Definitely the fact that you never usethe full month, let alone extend your exemption, your appearance, and where you fly in from, neighboring country on a budget flight or long haul from farangland, and you might have a nose for picking a friendly IO instead of a moody farang hating IO, who 3 times a week has the sh.t kicked out of him by his even moodier wife and has to take it out on a passenger whose face he does not like.

Consistency is not a Thai trait, and up to the discretion of IO does not mean much either in a country that lacks all discretion. 

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Because they abuse the system with over stays , getting extensions on extensions and border bus trips visa extensionsand just pissing on immigration , its not the correct way to stay in thailand...

I do what you do 5-8trips a year ...never ever ever been questioned...

Yeh i'm one those 30-60 day millionaires. ..lol!!!!

Hi everybody,


With some confusion I'm reading more and more comments and see more and more threads coming up from people that do enter Thailand several times per year on Visa Exemption (= allowed to stay up to 30 days for most countries) mentioning that...


- they got refused to enter and sent back


- got any stamps/comments/marks under their stamp that their next entry will most likely be dienied because "you come too often without proper visa"


- are questioned in a "private room" and let in "1 last time" being told next time they have to come with a proper visa.


I don't know what exactly the deal is or if I'm just a super lucky guy but in my passport I have over 20 (!) pages with stamps from Suvarnabhumi airport officers showing my "record" of the past 5-6 years: I never ever had or applied for a Visa, I always present my passport at immigration at Suvarnabhumi airport and get a stamp (Visa Exemption) that allows me to stay up to 30 days. I never ever was questioned about my strange looking passport with tons of stamps and even more the huge entry list the computer must show the officer that checks/scans my passport. I come to Thailand by plane 7-9 times every year and stay between 12-20 days per trip. Never longer (maybe one time 2 or 3 years ago I did stay 25 days) because I need to take care of my business in Europe as well and that for can't afford to stay 4+ weeks.


Just wondering if anyone got an idea why I never faced any issues why other members here do have so many problems while having far less stamps/entries than me over the past months/years?





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