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Calls for schools in Chiang Mai to close as haze crisis worsens


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10 hours ago, hotchilli said:

I am getting sick and <deleted!> tired of seeing/hearing this nonsense



(apologies for posting in caps)

Please read below for the truth:

World Health Organization.

The guideline stipulates that 

PM2.5 not exceed 10 μg/m3 annual mean, or 25 μg/m3 24-hour mean;  

PM10 not exceed 20 μg/m3 annual mean, or 50 μg/m3 24-hour mean.


And i repeat there is no safe limit of PM2.5 as any amount will enter your lungs, pass through the lung lining and into your bloodstream thus accessing every part of your body !!!

Calm down. Maybe things are not as bad you seem to believe. The WHO is not an unimpeachable fount of wisdom (otherwise they wouldn't made Robert Mugabe their goodwill ambassador!).


In the run-up (sorry!) to the recent Bangkok Marathon, all sorts of horror stories were going around about what would happen to athletes spending hours trudging through smoggy streets with PM2.5 levels way over Thai, let alone WHO limits. The number of medics was doubled just in case.


Over the next few days I vainly scoured the print and digital media for horror stories about runners dropping dead half way around, being hospitalitalised or even treated for respiratory problems.Not saying it didn't happen. But if it did, the domestic and international media missed a scoop - and so did the ever-vigilant climate change alarmists.


This might help you breathe a little easier: https: //junkscience.com/2016/09/fact-sheet-particulate-matter-in-outdoor-air-does-not-cause-death/

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5 hours ago, hotchilli said:

There is no difference other than students are not exposed to the pollution while traveling to or from school

The real benefit is if you look at the wider picture...

Schools or Universities closed create bad publicity, bad publicity attracts attention from the media, this might just bring enough pressure to bear on city officials to get off their <deleted> and do something more effective than spraying water in the air!!

Like get to the root causes & stop it from happening in the first place!!


Agree wholeheartedly.  

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7 hours ago, cardinalblue said:

This tells it all where the community mentality is at.....they would rather poison themselves and their kids as long as they get their fields and forests burned.....


there is really no hope w/o the ability to question their own actions and critically think of other viable options....

As I said before - they not understand and never will - is not their fault is the education who stop them to think as an individual and growth for the society... NO Nobel Price here so far ...

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This really is a serious problem and its far more widespread than people appreciate.  My home is 15 mins from Khao Yai national park - an area known for its clean air.  I've just been over for a month and the usual clear view of Khao Yai's mountains from my balcony was replaced by a hazy blurr for the entire month. At first I thought it was the cloud that sometimes shrouds the hills.  This continued for all of the month I was there - in 5 years I've never seen this before.


Traffic in the Khao Yai/Pak Chong area is relatively low compared to other parts of Thailand and I saw little evidence of straw burning in local fields so I can only think that this pollution is being carried from other areas such as Bangkok by the prevailing wind.


Thailand really needs to get to grips with its public transport services if real improvements in air quality are to be found.


Things like the high speed train will help but that's a long term project - there are things that can be done much faster. 


  • Replace Bangkok's buses with electric powered versions.
  • Introduce a phased replacement programme to remove the older diesel HGV's from the roads.
  • Carry out roadside emmisions spot checks and confiscate the modified pick trucks that are often seen belching black smoke out as they screech around playing boy racer.  This is a deliberate act caused by modifications to diesel injector pumps and the fitting of larger injectors etc.

The Bangkok - Korat high speed train project also seems to have ground to a halt at the moment amid rumours of funding problems, I know nothing of the other routes.


Spraying water into the air is just a joke.

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5 hours ago, UPDEHSOI said:

NOT TRUE! NOT TRUE! There is NO vehicle maintenance in Thailand, not as far as commercial vehicles are concerned anyway. I have witnessed this for too many years. They just run the damn machines until they fail/quit. THEN they maintain/repair them. Ane when when did you ever see any law enforcement ANYWHERE in Thailand, except for when a cop needs some extra money for one of his ladies, or to buy a new bike?

yea thats exactly what I meant 🙂

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10 hours ago, Jimbo2014 said:

Stop blowing useless water into the air and use the same resources to patrol for illegal fires.

Yup.  If they use the trucks to put out fires (which is what they were designed for) it might actually reduce the smog.  Certainly much more effective than spraying water up in the air from the ground.

They can then fine/bill the owners of the land where they put out the fire.

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2 hours ago, KhaoYai said:

Carry out roadside emmisions spot checks and confiscate the modified pick trucks that are often seen belching black smoke.....

Good idea.  While they're at it they can take those insanely loud scooters with no mufflers.  Keep them at the impound until the owner pays to fix them.



Replace Bangkok's buses with electric powered versions.

The Bangkok -

I don't think buses are the problem.  I think it's private cars mostly.



Korat high speed train project also seems to have ground to a halt

Is that the "Bullet train" I heard about a few years ago?  I don't think that was a real project that was ever intended to be completed; I think it was just a way to get Yingluk kickbacks or something if I remember right.

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Ahh, I saw a parade at 1230 at Tapae Gate.  The marching band looked like it was from a high school?  Also, there was a large water cannon machine spraying everyone the area.  The Air Quality was definitely better today than yesterday.  

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