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Video: "Heart of gold" rescue worker removes harpoon from stray dog "Me Me"

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19 hours ago, nobodysfriend said:

I am really surprised that there are not any comments of the " better kill all the dogs in Thailand " fraction of TV members yet ... ?

What happened ? Still sleeping ?

If someone would attack one of my dogs , that person would face a serious reaction , I would take that as a personal attack ...


I don't advocate hurting soi dog's in any way shape or form, Killing them humanely is okay, but purposely maiming them is off limits.   Whoever did this needs his ass kicked.

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3 minutes ago, oldrunner said:

My cats don't bite.

I am sure they will if you hurt one of them, for least favorite ex-wife had three cats, all were de-clawed, and after discovering they could scratch all they wanted and nothing happened, they would grab you and bite if they got pissed off...........she took the cats with her when she left.

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