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NARIT invites people to see Super Full Moon


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NARIT invites people to see Super Full Moon




BANGKOK, 14th February 2019 (NNT) - The National Astronomical Research Institute of Thailand (NARIT) is inviting the general public to observe Super Full Moon which can be seen from Thailand on the night of 19 February 2019.


NARIT’s Astronomical Academic Services Division chief Supalerk Karuehanon revealed on the night of Makha Bucha day, or 19 February 2019, the moon will shine in full at a closer distance of 356,836 kilometers from the earth, which will appear 7% larger and 16% brighter in the night sky.


He said the Super Full Moon phenomenon will be observable with the naked eye from 06:11 pm. in Thailand.


The moon orbits around the earth in an elliptic path, with the farthest distance called Apogee at 406,700 kilometers, and the closest distance called Perigee at 356,400 kilometers. At Perigee, the moon only causes more tides than usual.


NARIT will provide telescopes for the general public to observe Super Full Moon at its observatory in Sirindhorn Astronomical Park in Chiang Mai, at Sevent-Cycle Celebration observatory in Nakhon Ratchasima, at Seventh-Cycle Celebration observatory in Chachoengsao, and at Mermaid Observation Point on Samila Beach in Songkhla.


Some 360 schools across the country will also organize activities that night. The list of venues for Super Full Moon is available on www.narit.or.th website.



-- nnt 2019-02-14
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I love this kind of stuff!


(Why yes, I am a long-time Star Trek/Star Wars fan. How did you know?)


Just think; from the time of our distant ancestors humans have been looking up at the night sky and learning. Below are links to two sites which provide all the information that you might want to enhance the experience and amaze your friends.


Above and beyond the science element, I am an early morning, pre-dawn cyclist. The sheer beauty of these moons here on Samui is beyond my words to explain; where are the poets when you really need them?


Whether it is just before bed or soon after an early rise, enjoy!







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