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BANGKOK 20 February 2019 20:03

An unknown iPad password. What to do?

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While having my lap's battery changed a few weeks back,  a fellow  already in the shop was  talking with the owner/tech about  not having a password on an iPad which he claimed was a gift.   He naturally encountered challenge questions which he couldn’t answer since he wasn’t the one to set up the iPad.
Not wanting to butt in  I merely suggested to the man he contact Apple support and I gave him a number for the support in Thailand.      I subsequently discovered the number I had on my contacts  had changed.      If he happens to  belong to this forum,  I hope he proceeds to look up the number  on Google or call the Bangkok Apple store.   Th shop owner only told the man to buy a new one at iStudio.
He had a  9.7 screen which looked to be in great shape.
I forgot to ask him why he didn’t contact the person who gave him the tablet which without the password is a genuine paperweight.      My focus was on the battery which was successfully changed without a data backup.   Works great.

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