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Tripping in Thailand

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When I was a young man we would ingest or smoke things and then go to the movies (a lot of stuff was legal back then).  I remember watching Yellow Submarine and 20 of us crawling on the floor all around the theater - my wife had lost her purse and couldn't remember where we were sitting. 


Recently I purchased a pair of Jabra 65T Active earbuds and went to the hospital to have my ears checked and cleaned. 


On the way back from the hospital at night in a taxi I put in the earbuds and cranked up Deezer on my phone.  We were in an industrial area and the flames and clouds made for an eerie scene. 


Later in the week I went to the outdoor market with the earbuds in and hear through (outside sounds) activated for safety. 


What a trip.


Thailand with extra bass.  All the people began to walk in time with my music. 


They are as good as over the ear expensive earphones and Deezer has great sound recordings available. 


What a trip.  Only available recently so I couldn't have done it years ago but wow. 


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Useful hands-free device when I'm talking to GF on Facebook Messenger, lighting a spliff and opening a beer with my feet whilst riding 60 kph on the motorbike at night without a headlamp, dodging stupid forelungs crossing against the red.

Multi-tasking, Thai Style!   :stoner:

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Today my comply memory foam tips arrived.  Perfect fit and still go in the charging case and memory foam is very soft.  Ridiculous price 1400 baht but no other choice for a fit. 

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