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Thai Raksa Chart to suspend major campaigning


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Thai Raksa Chart to suspend major campaigning

By The Nation



File photo : Thai Raksa Chart party's chief strategist Jaturon Chaisang and party leader Preechaphon Pongpanich applied to compete in the March 24 national election.


The Thai Raksa Chart party will suspend major campaign rallies to allow its leadership to focus on preparations to defend itself against the dissolution demanded by the Election Commission (EC), the party’s chief strategist Chaturon Chaisang said on Thursday.

The EC has submitted a petition to the Constitution Court to dissolve the party for alleged hostility towards the monarchy following its nomination of Princess Ubolratana as its prime ministerial candidate.


Chaturon said the party’s leadership may need time to prepare for their defence in the court.


“The suspension will continue until the Constitution Court makes a ruling on the EC’s petition,” he said.


However, he added that the party’s candidates can still campaign in their constituencies and visit voters.


Chaturon qualified his remarks by saying they did not represent the party’s decision.


He admitted to being worried about the party’s nomination that led to the dissolution motion, insisting the party’s executives had good intentions.


Chaturon was speaking in a press briefing before the Constitution Court agreed to hear the EC's petition.


Source: http://www.nationmultimedia.com/detail/breakingnews/30364121



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