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Bicycle Customs Charges on High-End racing bike

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I have a high-end bike ($2,600 racing bike) that I did not bring with me when I travelled here to Chiang Mai.  I am thinking of having it sent over to me (or I may just bring it back with me the next time I visit the States).  My concern:  Even though I have owned and ridden the bike for a couple of years, I am very meticulous about keeping it in perfect condition, so for all intents and purposes it looks like a brand new bike.  Not only that but I would be using the original cardboard shipping box the bike came in for shipping it here or for bringing it on the plane (nothing unusual about this since lots of cyclist who travel do this). 


So, I am worried that Customs might consider it a brand new bike.  From what I've heard, customs duty on new bikes is something like 40%!  There is no way I am going to do this if there's a chance they will hit me up for such a ridiculously exorbitant charge!   I mean plenty of cyclists come to Thailand and bring expensive bikes.  I'm sure some even purchase a new bike to bring with them when they come here to Chiang Mai.  Does anyone here have advice on how to avoid being charged duty on a high-end bike I already own and will be using only for personal use and then taking home with me when I leave the Kingdom?  There must be a way around this dilemma.

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Break it down and carry it in a low end bicycle bag. No one will bother to check.



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