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BANGKOK 20 February 2019 20:03

OFX.com Wire Transfer - Any Reviews?

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I have just set up an account with OFX.com as a secondary means of transfering funds in addition to my TransferWise account and plan to do my next months 65k transfer with them as a test... I was wondering if anyone else uses or has tried them - Specifically I would like to know if they are coded by your Thai bank as a foreign transfer - please include your country of origin & Thai bank when posting your experiences...


OFX.com seems pretty much identical to TW (see screen shots of identical transactions) TW seems a little cheaper and it is my understanding that TW will further reduce their rates after March 9th...


Again please post any experiences you have had with OFX.com...






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I have used OFX (formally UKForex) for about 7 years. Never had a problem and very easy to contact / use, 

You can do a printout to show all your transfers from the OFX site,

Sorry need to look at bankbook to see how it is logged there (never took notice before). Will advise if it shows as a foreign transfer in due course

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