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‘District of love’ swamped with couples


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‘District of love’ swamped with couples

By The Nation




Many lovebirds registered their marriages on Valentine's Day at Bangkok's Bang Rak District Office, whose name is considered auspicious.


Bang Rak means “district of love”. 


The first couple, Adirek Sae-jan, 34, and Sureerat Komonsai, 28, travelled from Bang Khae and waited since 10pm on Wednesday at the "Likhit Rak Na Bang Rak" (sign and seal your love at Bang Rak) venue at the central post office on Charoenkrung Road. 


Sureerat said they had been together for five years and decided to register their union on Valentine's Day at Bang Rak in the belief the auspicious name would promote a lasting love. 


Arthit Khamthongkhong and his bride-to-be Sasithorn Phosang, both wearing traditional Thai clothing, said they came to register on Valentine's Day in Bang Rak before their wedding ceremony on Friday. 


The Bang Rak office also allowed 300 couples to make advance booking online to register marriages. 


Bang Rak also has grand events, handing out prizes, including the “gold marriage certification” to 10 lucky couples by drawing lots. 


Among the couples to win the “gold marriage certification” were Thung Maha Mek policeman Corporal Chisanupong Nilsuwan, 27, and nursery teacher Supansa Preeda, 27, who had been together for eight years.


Source: http://www.nationmultimedia.com/detail/national/30364146



-- © Copyright The Nation 2019-02-14

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