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Buying a Birthday Cake on Koh Chang Island

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I need some info from any Koh Chang residents please....


I will be visiting Koh Chang for 5 days at the start of March, and will be joined by my cousin and her daughter from the UK, who are here on holiday.  


Whilst we are there, it will be my cousins 30th Birthday.  My question....... does anyone know if there are any places on the Island where I can get her a birthday cake.  By searching online, I have found that there are now a Big C and a Tesco Lotus, and was wondering whether either of these have a Swensens or an S&P shop in them. If not, any other places that we might be able to find one.





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When the Emerald Cove Resort was owned by Amari they'd deliver a complimentary personalized piece of birthday cake to guests.  However, the property has since been sold to a multinational company and I don't believe they follow this custom anymore.



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