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Video: Outa my way! Motorcyclist knocks pedestrian down on the footpath

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Video: Outa my way! Motorcyclist knocks pedestrian down on the footpath



Picture: Sanook


Millions of Thais viewed CCTV footage from a Bangkok street that showed a motorcyclist deliberately knock down a pedestrian who had moments earlier warned him not to ride on the footpath. 


The footage - in Nang Lerng district - showed a rider with a passenger squeeze past a man waiting for a bus. The man tells the rider off for riding on the sidewalk but he rides on regardless. 


Seconds later the rider comes back and appears to deliberately knock down the pedestrian.


Sanook said the pedestrian was thrown to the ground and no one came to his aid at all as the motorcycle sped off. 


Nearly two million people have viewed the footage that is bound to stir up the debate about use of the capital's footpaths by motorbikes, an illegal practice. 


Daily News reported that both the rider and victim had been seen by Nang Lerng police. 


The rider apologized and said he was angry that he had been warned not to ride on the footpath. 


He agreed to pay the victim - named as Sasawasu - 5,000 baht and pay for his hospital expenses too. 


The police also intend to prosecute the rider for riding on the footpath and for reckless endangerment. 


They are waiting for an  injury report from a doctor before proceeding with a criminal prosecution. 


A police spokesman said there was no truth to online rumors that a senior policeman had tried to settle the matter without the need for a prosecution.  


Source: Sanook, Daily News




-- © Copyright Thai Visa News 2019-02-15
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