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Abbot finally arrested on attempted murder charge after 15 years


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Abbot finally arrested on attempted murder charge after 15 years




Crime Suppression Division officers moved to arrest an abbot at a well known Suphanburi temple after he had evaded capture for 15 years on attempted murder charges. 


Paphonsan Phetphan, 40, was taken into custody at Wat Ror Charoen in Bang Pla Ma district on Thursday and taken to Tha Sala police station in Nakorn Sri Thammarat for interrogation. 


He was wanted on two warrants of attempted murder and gun related offences. 


The incidents occurred in Tha Sala in 2004 and on Koh Samui in 2005. 


The monk admitted to the former charge but denies being involved in the incident on Samui.


He said that he and others laid in wait in Tha Sala for a rival with whom they had argued. The rival was shot sustaining grievous injuries. 


Following the incidents he ordained into the monkhood rising up the ecclesiastic order until he became an abbot in Suphanburi. 


Source: Daily News




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